Door Trims

July 06, 2011

Door Trims

It has been a long and frustrating few weeks for me with Melbourne weather at its best (read freezing) making it too cold to work in the garage and no real progress on the bodywork.

To complete the first stages of the bodywork I will need a rotisserie. I have one in my sights so its just a matter of time till it comes through. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks which will allow me to finish off the bodywork and focus on assembly…

So to keep busy and motivated till then I am trying to collect most of the parts I will need …

First on the list of these parts is the pair of JDM door cards I picked up a few weeks ago.

I picked these door cards to replace my perfectly good standard door cards. This is manly due to the cool in-built arm rest and sleek one piece look they have.

door_1     door_2

From what i have seen most of these trims come from cars with electric windows so they dont have the circlucar cut out you can see for the window winder. Bonus.

Although not the colour I want, I’ll be retrimming them in black and grey similar to the picture below.

door_4     door_3

The door handle, handle surround and window winder will all come from a ma61 supra. These are a dime a dozen at the wrecker which is fantastic as it is fairly hard to find black plastics for an 86 in australia.


Hopefully I will be able to locate this pocket in standard black plastic from a celica or supra also


Same goes for this plastic pocket, depending on final trim colour I either want this in black or grey


a small cigarette burn that will have to stay till i retrim the cards

More to come …

Cost $100