Engine and Gearbox

July 13, 2011

Engine and Gearbox

Time to bathe in the stockness…

A few weeks ago I posted on AE86 Driving Club forum looking for standard driveline components. I was after an engine, gearbox and diff. In the last two weeks I have managed to pick up all three. ‘stalz_ae86’ from AE86DC came to rescue with a very standard egg beater 4A-C and matching t-50 gearbox from an AE71 panelvan with 80,000 kms on it. This engine makes 58 HP when brand new, wonder what that equates to 20+ years on…


This setup coupled with a diff will definitely do to get the car registered and running on its own steam. So far I plan to just go through the motor and clean up any leaks, maybe a VR kit worth of gaskets to clean it up a little and maybe a new water pump. The gearbox on the other hand will need a bell housing as ‘stalz_ae86’ needs the old one back.


Engine and gearbox sitting nicely on what used to be a decent tyre


View from the side where engine and gearbox connect


Tools ready for action


5 minutes later the gearbox is to one side..


… and the engine is to the other, notice the factory clutch (20+ years old) I found the km’s hard to believe till I saw the clutch plate was the factory toyota item