SR20 Powered AE86

February 20, 2016

SR20 Powered AE86

You meet your customers in some random places and situations but occasionally the guy you want to buy parts off becomes one of your best customers and now good friend. Such is the case with the owner of this car. I was trying to source an exhaust for my newly build AE86 when a friend of mine put me in touch. I promptly contacted the owner and headed over to his place to buy a full exhaust and extractors for my car…

He had an AE86 that had recently blown a motor and he was looking at options to get his car back on the road and continue doing drift events. It just so happened he had a Autech SR20DE that had been purchased a while back for another project.

A deal was done on the exhaust and a plan was made to build a track oriented AE86.