Third time lucky, First love

May 01, 2011

Third time lucky, First love

Star Wars? In a galaxy far far away… in the year 2001… I got my licence and with it I bought my first car, a less than happy VW Golf MK 1, that ran on 3 cylinders. This fact I only found out on the freeway driving home, when it died on me … several times.  Shortly after that car I bought my second car a trusty Ford KC laser, this car never let me down and other than changing oil it asked for very little from me. Then about 9 months after getting my licence I bought my third car this my 1983 AE86 corolla sprinter…. everyone knows its many other names but to me it’s simply called ‘the 86’.

I am now a lot older and some would say a tad wiser (but I would argue that point) but I still have my 86. Over the years I have bought , built, blown up and occasionally driven my cars, namely a Nissan onevia, Nissan Silvia, Nissan 180sx two or three in fact, and a Nissan R32 GTR, all of which have their own stories to tell….. Maybe for another blog!

I have decided to share my passion for my 86 with the world.


I am planning to build the car up to a usable track car, for what I am not sure, but with the many $1000’s I have spent building cars I have never truly had the time to enjoy them the way I first enjoyed driving my 86 on $5 petrol and bald tires…