Toyota Stout Shop Truck

February 20, 2016

Toyota Stout Shop Truck

Every workshop no matter what they build, service or sell has to have a shop truck … Autumn Concepts is no different.

We needed a truck to pickup engines, diffs, gearbox’s and parts as necessary. But what to buy and why. We love our Toyotas but we love our old hot rods and customs too. In the end we started hunting down a RK101 Toyota stout as a base for our build.

Finding the make and model we wanted was simple enough but trying to find one that was cheap enough and weathered enough for the look we wanted was extremely hard. It took around 6 months to find the truck.

It wasn’t quite a barn find but it definitely was a farm truck. The humble Toyota Stout 1 1/2 tonne pickup powered by a 5R engine commonly found in most Toyota forklifts was barely running, the brakes completely shot and interior eaten out by rats and possums but he body was exactly the way we wanted, rusty, weathered and looking oh so nostalgic.